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Heathens ll CMV ll Gravity Falls

Winter_Apple Heathens ll CMV ll Gravity Falls

Awesome! 21 Pilots Cover of the Song, "Heathens"

Me and my friends recently made this exciting new CMV aka Cosplay Music Video!! It turned out better then I expected and I'd love it if you'd check it out!! Enjoy! ...Watch

Heathens l Gravity Falls CMV Trailer

Winter_Apple Gravity Falls CMV Trailer

21 Pilots Cover of the Song, "Heathens"

I've been working to improve my filming and editing so please check out my video! The final product will be out in a few days! ...Watch

Arabian Rei CMV - On Purpose (Cover)

Winter_Apple Arabian Rei Cosplay Music Video (CMV)

Arabian Rei Cover of the Song, "On Purpose"

This is my first CMV (Cosplay Music Video) and Bree and I covered a song for it!! We'll be doing more of these in the future! Enjoy! ...Watch

How to Sew a Simple Skirt/Dress Bottom!!

Winter_Apple How to Sew a Simple Skirt/Dress Bottom!!

Learn to Make a Skirt in 30 seconds!

This is a thirty second How-To on making a simple skirt! I used this skirt as a dress bottom and will use the dress for a cosplay in the future! ...Watch

Welcome to KeyRain: Original Broadcast Comedy Skit! - EP 1

Winter_Apple Welcome to KeyRain EP1

Original Broadcast Comedy Skit!

KeyRain is a new series I'm making to document a small irregular town in the middle of nowhere. To anyone within the borders, this broadcast is simple news. However, if you live elsewhere ...I apologize ...Watch the video and please leave a comment or like! ...Watch

Kyoya's A Creepy Stalker!! [Ouran Comedy Cosplay Skit]

Winter_Apple Kyoya's A Creepy Stalker!!

Anime Ouran High School Cosplay Skit

Check it out!! I filmed and published a brand new comedy skit. I really hope you enjoy and please like and Subscribe! ...Watch

Tamaki Transformation II Makeup

Winter_Apple Tamaki Transformation II Makeup

Anime Ouran High School Cosplay Fun

Makeup for Tamaki Suoh from Ouran Highschool Host Club (anime) :D ...Watch

How To Be A Ninga! vlog

Winter_Apple How To Be A Ninga!

Silly Sister Vlog

My sister and I have decided to share the secret life of a ninja in a goofy way!! You may do what you will with our tips, we believe you can become a great ninja :D ...Watch

How to make Silica's costume! (SAO)

Winter_Apple How to make Silica's costume! (SAO)

Sword Art Online Anime Cosplay

In our Comicon video we showed you a bit of our costumes, well here is a detailed video on how to make the red costume I was wearing for our panel!! Please enjoy!! And if you hit that subscribe button, you brighten my day :D ...Watch

Ciels's day ALONE!! Comedy Black Butler Skit/Short Film cosplay anime

Winter_Apple Comedy Black Butler Anime Skit/Short Film

Cosplay Ciel's day ALONE!!

I recently filmed a Ciel skit!! Ciel is a character from an Anime. Anime is like Japanese cartoons for adults! Please watch the video and subscribe to my channel if you'd like to join the madness!! Leave a thumbs up and share it with your cats :P Have a good one and I'll see you next time :) ...Watch

devcon anime convention hightlights

Winter_Apple Making Odin Costume for Phoenix Comicon

Cosplay from Movie "Thor"

My dad spent so much time and effort on this costume and it really paid off!! Everyone we met loved his costume and they were all really nice and complimentary. His costume just looks great! If you'd like to watch him make it, watch the video :D Please like, share and subscribe! ...Watch

devcon anime convention hightlights

Winter_Apple Cosplay at Devcon 2016

Comicon-Like Cosplays at Anime Convention

This was such a fun experience I had with my friends!! I always look forward to going to these conventions and spending time with all the neat people there! I plan on doing more cosplay videos and I hope you enjoy this one! If you like it give it a thumbs up and feel free to share it with your friends! Please subscribe and have a lovely day! ...Watch

How to Make Black Butlet Cosplay Costume

Winter_Apple How to Make Black Butler Ciel Fem Hat

Costume Design for Anime Cosplay
My first cosplay I ever made was crafted from a large skirt that I dyed with kool-aid and sewed together, with the help of some friends. It was so much fun, I was inspired to continue making costumes. My first cosplay was a nice effort but it needed a revamp and the video below is something I did to improve the cosplay. I hope you enjoy!! ...Watch

Winter_Apple Easy Homemade Brownies from Scratch

Simple Recipe Just In Time for Christmas

Shae a.k.a Winter Apple and Bree a.k.a. Slow Silver made some Christmas Brownies and put together a vlog :) ...Watch

Winter_Apple Doll Costume

Halloween Time

Shae put together a doll costume and posted a video. Take a look :) ...Watch

Winter_Apple Ouran Cosplay Making Costumes


Shae has been cosplaying in Comic-Con. She participated in a “panel” and now she is hooked. Her favorite character so far is Tamaki. She loves to mimic the drama and theatrics. Her friend Esther’s Mom, Margie is an expert seamstress and agreed to help make several Ouran High School Host Club school jackets. They purchased the badges and wigs online. The characters are all men but Shae was insistent that the costumes be made “lady-like” with proper fittings :)


She put together a vlog of the making of the jackets ...Watch

BOOK My Lack of Tal

This is an original story I’m in the process of writing. I would love comments and encouragement! ...Read


Shae Tessa :D

SCRIBLS Bennu's Story Chapter 1

Check out my new video!! It contains an original story I wrote :) The the tale is about a girl named Bennu and it's based on Egyptian Mythology!! ...Watch


SCRIBLS Speed Pencil Art Drawing of a Young Woman

I started a YouTube channel called Scribls. My first video is inspired by speed art done by other YouTubers. The young woman in this drawing isn’t anyone specific. I love drawing eyes and therefore, a face is needed XD