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2 Done, 2 to Go

Time Flies When Your Having Fun

We are wrapping up the last of Garen's bedroom. And, not a moment too soon as he is graduating next month. Time slips away so quickly. The biggest lesson we have learned from this bedroom project is that we cannot delay. The kids refuse to stop getting older!


Here is the building of the bedroom:






The paper bagging has been an interesting and fun project. The only problem we foresee is where the paper touches the dirt around the bottom of the building. We think it has a chance of fraying. We will deal with it if and when it happens. The eaves should easily protect the sides. Without a good hat, even the cob walls cannot take a heavy downpour.


Conclusion & Comparison

I still like the cob covered with either paint or linseed oil better than the paper bag exterior but it has been a fun experiment. It does have a unique, leathery look. The verdict is still out on the roofing material but I really like the color. The door is a definite winner. We picked up two more at the same time so we'll be able to use them on Bryson's and Shae's bedrooms too. Gary liked the layout better for this bedroom for roofing purposes and I like the slightly smaller size and lower ceiling.


Next Steps

We have a couple loose ends to complete next week before Garen can move in. We will post another video on the interior shortly afterwards. We may have installed a rocket stove :)


October 2014













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