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Soil Cement Floor & Homemade Stair Rail Continued   | Shae's Earthbag Bedroom Ep22 | Weekly Peek

Shae’s Earthbag Bedroom

Episode 22








Soil Cement Floor & Homemade Stair Rail Continued

The room is really starting to pull together and look good. With the end in sight, we have been happily working away. Check out this weeks video to see what we've completed this round. Please enjoy!






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Converting A Old Table Saw Into A Router Table:



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Shae aka Winter_Apple
December 1, 2017


Video Transcript

last week we started on the interior
walls, prepped the lower floor and begin
the stair design for Shae's earthbag
begin to install the soil cement
subfloor on the lower half of Shae's
coolest things about is that you just
start turning the floor
that's what we did last week
opened up the soil
it on
there's about half an inch of cement
that has to go on the floor
gonna help Gizzy?
he broke into your nail polish remover
how many bags of cement have you used so far?
it's about a four inch deep till with the rotortiller
all right
ya, if you want to got for the next mix
keep things a little damp
you little monster
is probably taken
profile picture going
we'll say The Pug G
has the name Gizbert
thanking me
don't eat that
no no no no
that's good stuff right there
he broke into your nail polish remover
nail polish remover!
that's a second time this week
we're done
how many bags of cement have you used so far?
just one and a half
I'm going to get some starter fluid
did you have to use starter fluid last time?
we rotortill that in
it's about a four inch deep till with the rotortiller
that goes in
and mixes the cement with the soil
all right
looking good
so what is the next step here?
we're going to add water and do it again
you want me to mix the water?
ya, if you want to got for the next mix
we do use water throughout the whole mixture
keep things a little damp
try to keep the dust down plus it's gonna get some water
we're almost out of gas though
you might want to do that that way you won't have to stop
Shae needs to make an Instagram
for Pug G
man, you're so violent Gizbert
you little monster
maybe I should make an
Instagram for him
he attacks my mike
it's good footage
Pug G
is probably taken
he better start putting
on the blush because he's got to get a
profile picture going
I think he has to
be above 13 in order to get this account
we'll say The Pug G
someone already has it
we can just say Gizbert
has the name Gizbert
don't bite me
I'm making an Instagram for you
you should be
thanking me
what should his handle be
Pug G
oh no, is it taken?
what should his password be?
you can't let people know that is what the password is
this is my Instagram
make sure you
follow me on Instagram
follow me on instagram
self promotion plug
I might need your help Dude
a profile picture
where is he at?
Bree, I need to take the picture
we gotta get rid of the hands
he has to just look that cute without us
making him look that cute
oh no
I didn't go to school for this
he keeps moving
Giz Giz
that's not good
this is why
people take somebody selfies
is it Garen approved?
are we going again?
do you want to be a model?
you got to be patient
Gizbert, Gizbert
look at the camera
Oh my gosh!
it's really good
okay we have one
again, MrOffAndOn
Pug G just started following
that's awesome
so what do people need
to find in order to follow Pug G?
we'll have the links
down in the description to everyone's
do you know what he just did?
created an Instagram for my pug
got to make sure you link it in the description Mom
we can do that
we're all following
expecting to see
adorable pug pictures
oh my gosh
we screte it so it's level and after
it's nice and level we can tamp it
the same tamper we use for the earth
how's it going guys?
last little bit here
got everything all tamped down
after it's all tamped and ready to go
we start watering it
we'll do this throughout the day
several times
throughout this week yeah?
oh yeah
for a few days
like all cement
products, we want to cure slowly
we want it to be nice and hard as a surface
so we can use it as a subfloor
make sure it's good and soaked
yes, got to get down about 4 inches
as deep as we can get
I've never been disappointed with the soil
cement floors
using it as a subfloor and
then putting that cob over the top of it
has worked out very well
on last Wednesday's
podcast, we made Christmas decorations
got these two guys
Mom sanded them down
I cut them out
I'm about ready to give them a nice
finish trim around the edges
these are
simply made by cutting out some extra
plywood from Shae's roof, sanding it all
down and then Bryson tried out new
router edging
now we just got to get
one last sand over the top of it
Garen converted this table saw into a router
pretty cool tool
you can go check it out
the link will be in the description
if you want to see how he did it
we had a friendly
the very artistic Shae and Garen
against me and Bryson
all the votes have been tallied
Garen and Shae did a fabulous job with their
snowman but it was me and Bryson that
took the cake with our Christmas penguin
two new pieces here I found
this one here is probably going to be a post that holds up
the longer one
holds up the steps and
the other ones gonna be a post that
holds up the railing I think
sounds good
Shae and I have been working on this and
she had to run off and and do a couple
I have to say, it's really fun
working with Shae because it
just seems like you have all these
opportunities to discuss things
been our motto all through the kids'
lives is to work side by side
with them and I think it it really pays
off in our closeness and our ability to
talk about whatever's on
our heart
I recommend it
okay, in that case
we're digging a trench here
gonna fill it with concrete
make a footer out of it
a foundation piece
right now we have all our poles in
and they're fun
they're all shaped and twisted and it's a lot of
now it's time to move onto the concrete phase
so cool
look at how pretty that is
the coolest
the dog shouldn't have optimism when it comes to me because I never throw his toy but he
always thinks that I will
he believes in you
you gotta love it
all right let's
see your optimism come true
and the optimism has returned
so far in
this building we have stressed the
flatness of walls
who has stressed the
I have
thank you
and mom has
put his beautiful pointy lump with
not a bulbous bag
because that's unfixable
with a piece of wood
sticking out right there
something we could of
cut off
so I'm fixing it
is it like a dream come true?
what I'm wondering is if the wall is
flat enough for your Majesty
it is not
so we have a plan though don't
we do
it might actually help
it looks so cool
like that one wall that
needs to be done
thanks for being here
stay tuned for
next Friday as the continue building on
Shea's earthbag bedroom
the four of us are
headed off to Florida so there won't be
a livestream podcast next Wednesday
unless you can convince mom and dad to do one
however, we will be back next Friday
for our regular Weekly Peek
you don't want to miss it
we'll get to see how much mom and dad
can accomplish without us
thanks so much
for being here
have a great week
you can't let people know that is what the password is Bree
that can not be put in because
that is the password
dude, I'm telling you
you do not have an
okay, mine is slowsilvercreations
Bree, slowsilvercreations
you can follow her too
but just remember MrOffAndOn first
our family moved from the city to
the country
thanks for taking part in
our adventure
we have new videos every
Friday evening
if you would like to help
us out, you can like this video, share it,
subscribe or support us on patreon
see the links in the description
we have a
little setup
see it in the shadow?
the dog is getting fat
you're so big
he's safe
he is and then when he keeps moving, he knocks me clean off my
there is a mosquito in here
I know there was one eating me
it's been biting neck
what are they
doing in December?
I was bit about five, six times
I keep
swinging at him but he's so fast
the one that is biting me is tiny
it's a baby
needs a lot of nutrition apparently
from my neck
nudge nudge wink wink
I did that backwards just
keep you guessing















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